Get Basic Teamlab Functionality with Open Source Version

Server Community Edition is a freely downloadable open source version of Teamlab Office distributed under the GNU Affero General Public License.

It comprises all the basic Teamlab functional modules sufficient for comprehensive project and document management as well as any size team collaboration including:

  • CRM
  • Project Management
  • Document Management
  • Business Collaboration
  • Mail
  • People
  • Instant Messenger

There're certain functionality limitations: Online Office Apps, integration with third-party services, Gantt chart, mobile apps are offered only in the SaaS version or Server Enterprise version.

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Version: 7.5
Release Date: 16.01.2014

You can also make use of a virtual machine installation with the pre-configured Teamlab Office for the deployment within the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

Any questions?

We aim at building an active open-source community and provide you with all the necessary information on the Community Edition installation and maintenance including a detailed guide on Teamlab deployment and a troubleshooting manual.

To share your ideas and conduct discussions with other open source Community members we invite you to join Teamlab Developers portal.

Teamlab Office Server Support Provision

Our Support Team provides exceptional service to bring high value to our customers in resolving their business needs.

We offer basic weekday technical support for our Server version users that includes assistance in installation, transfer data from previous versions, updates, i.e.:

  • General questions on Teamlab Office functionality
  • Remote installation or email recommendations on it
  • Updates installation with database transfer
  • Basic configuration of Teamlab Mail and Teamlab Talk
  • Operation hours 9/5
  • Initial response time 24
  • Dedicated manager

Please, note that technical support for this solution is only provided on a paid basis - $250 per incident.
Consult our FAQ section for more information on what is included into the paid support.

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To ask your question or leave a request for support, please, write to

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